SINCE 1984

Fisheries sector plays very important role in national economy.
Sri Lanka Marine sector has witnessed a phenomenal growth during last
five decades in both quantitative and qualitative ways Sri Lanka has huge potential for development of coastal aquaculture.


We would like to deal with everyone who are willing to keep the company
with us. Our ultimate customer service and our friendly working team are
always ready to give you a high value to your products. We would like to
expand our business Globally. We have been awarded by the Sri Lankan
government for our excellent service over 30 years. If you want to feel the
freshness with the quality products just visit us.



Seneviratne Bandula and Company concern about the safety of seafood and
its operating under the rules and regulations of Sri Lankan Ministry of
Fisheries .
We have well-trained and experienced staff who are fully dedicated to
maintain the quality standards and procedures to guarantee the quality of
our products. The National Aquatic Resources Research and Development
Agency (NARA) is responsible for monitoring the presence of undesirable

substances in seafood and for research into their significance for fish well-
being and the health of the consumer.

The Department of Wildlife Conservation and Ministry of Fisheries and
Aquatic Resources support (in-delete) seafood safety and supplementary
support concerning foreign substances in seafood.

High Quality & Sustainability
We shall supply high quality seafood from sustainable fisheries. It is
important to secure sustainable fish stock for future generation. We work
only with suppliers who have same view on this important factor as our
selves. Being able to harvest from sustainable resources we believe these
products deserve to be treated with high quality and respect.
Customer Focus
We are the preferred seafood partner to our customers. All of our decisions
were taken with customer in focus. Working together with customers in a
long term partnership, we aim to add value for our customers. We do
research and fully understand our selected foreign markets by frequent
traveling. We work with our customers to build long-term partnerships for
mutual benefit. We understand the impact on our customers of our business
decisions. We deliver on our promises and commitments.
We have a social responsibility and we carefully protect the positive image
of the company. We demonstrate this on a daily basis by respecting the
culture, custom and rules of the countries where we export our products.
We have an open and accurately communication with all our customers and
have the courage to express our opinion. We take personal responsibility for
our actions and perform the duties to best of our ability and with integrity.
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